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What is Book Club?

A LIVE 8-week program to help you discover and clarify the ‘why’ behind your brand and business. Along the way you'll get step-by-step help to build the 4 essential tools that you’ll need to communicate effectively and convert the people out there who want to find and hire you.

What Will We Cover?

Using the tools outlined in the Million Dollar Dog Brand book, Nic will personally walk you through finding and expertly crafting the ‘why’ behind your brand.

Why Would I Want That?

Everything you do in your business that leads to revenue is marketing. The success of your marketing, believe it or not, does not depend on how much you know about facebook ads or google analytics – it 100% depends on your ability connect emotionally with your ideal customer. To connect emotionally with your target audience – you need to know, feel, eat, sleep, breathe and ooze your ‘why’. To do that, you need to know what it is!

Your 'Why' is a VERY tricky thing to find, clarify and communicate by yourself. It takes time and it often takes the touch of an expert who has a gift for seeing what you can’t see, and reflecting it back to you in a way that makes you say:

“YES! That’ what I’ve been thinking but couldn’t figure out how to say!”

Who is This Expert?

nic_book_1J.Nichole Smith knows a thing or two about building Million Dollar Dog Brands. With a decade of hands-on experience helping to build successful pet brands and a Masters in Marketing from one of London’s top business schools, Nic's somewhat magical brand instincts are fiercely honed. Nichole is one of the most uniquely qualified branding experts and teachers in the pet industry... I mean, she literally wrote the book!

Really though, the proof is in the pudding… and in this case, pudding refers to Nic's wonderful current and past clients who have participated in programs like this one… let's let them tell you about their experience working with Nic on this ‘why’ stuff…

Words From Past Members

 J.Nichole Smith in one-on-one consulting appointment with pet client


Life is too damn short!

“Here’s my most recent “Nictopia” moment, you know, that moment when chatting with Nichole and everything suddenly becomes painfully clear: Just because others say you are good at something, or because there is a great need for it, or because it may be the one thing that will separate you from the rest, or maybe everyone else is doing it, or maybe it is the one thing that will pay your bills without fail, or maybe you just feel like it is the one thing you have to do or else, you’ll fail… But doing this thing makes you… anxious, depressed, insecure, unhappy…. “fill in the blank”.  If it robs you of your time, drains you, leaves you stressed and/or you downright hate doing it… Guess what, you *don’t have to do it *  We are allowed to evolve and change. You call the shots. Life is too damn short to be chained to the “thing” you hate doing. I’ll be doing some re-evaluating, EFT tapping and meditation, confidently finding my next step, with my dog by my side. Love you Nic ❤"



All of My Roadblocks are Gone...

“What a difference two months has made. I revisited my Why Map today and was astonished to see that all of my roadblocks are gone. I have reorganized my work routines and work stations so I'm organized, enhanced my relationship with my partner by spending more quality time with him; given up volunteer work that I didn’t want to be doing, while strengthening my relationship with the non-profit and receiving a major sponsorship for my work with their dogs; and my self-doubt is gone. Nichole, I think you are a miracle worker. I still have a lot of work to do but I feel like this is a great start.”



It was A-MAZING!

“Just had my first 1:1 with Nichole last night and it was a-mazing! I've already started working on my bio and tying my business name into my 'why' since I hadn't really given that much thought…”



Huge 'Ah-ha' Moment...

“So excited about the huge "ah-ha" moment I've already had in this first week. :) I've been thinking a lot in the last year or so about my Why and my niche. My Why is ‘Celebrating Peaceful, Quiet Moments of Everyday Beauty’ and I kept thinking that the content of my blog posts would be about the nature of "home" and finding peace & calm at home with pets. But I was still struggling with how that should translate to my blog and what exactly I would want to write about each week. Then, while listening to the Q&A during this week's lesson and going through the Why Map exercise, I finally realized that, for me, throughout my life, the common thread running through love of home, love of quiet spaces and alone time, and even my love of finding shady, peaceful spots outside or while on vacation ... is books and reading. So I think I need to concentrate on that because, hey, my brand and pets and books go perfectly together!”



It Literally Saved My Business...

“I Just wanted to share – I completed Nichole’s Bootcamp (biz + marketing course) and it literally saved my business. I see so many people struggle and I was one of them – UNTIL I did her bootcamp and 1:1 program AND did the hard work. I’ve taken other bootcamps, but this one works with who YOU are – your strengths, etc. vs. do what she did and make it work for yo… IF you’re willing to dig deep and work hard. It’s actually more like a life coaching gig than just a bootcamp.”



I've Already Grown So Much...

“I wanted to take a moment to say how grateful I feel to be part of this program and part of this group. Thank you to everyone. I’ve already grown so much.  In Week One I started thinking beyond my original idea of a “little” business. Nichole’s teachings and advice, and the support of this group have already been life-changing for me!”



I Don't Think I Would Have Seen it Myself...

“I had my first 1:1 with Nichole tonight and I’m super excited and feeling so hyper inside that I can’t concentrate. I was really struggling mainly to refine myself and how this translates into my business and it was there all along. I knew it, but it just hadn’t clicked and now I get it and it makes sense and its totally me.  She really has a way of just drawing out the information and is so, so smart. I don’t think I would have got there or seen it myself as I was trying to define it somehow. I know this is all a bit vague but I’m excited to share once I work it all out. I just wanted to share how valuable that 1:1 was! I now have my direction and it feels right. Thank you Nichole!



My Session was Life-Changing...

“Nichole, Thank you so much for your time last week. My session with you was not only life changing, but empowering as well. I cannot thank you enough for your kind words and inspiration. I want continue working with you - how would I go about that? Just let me know, and I am there!”



I Get it!

“I had my first 1:1 with Nichole yesterday. I so totally agree - Nichole Sears is totally awesome! Although, I have not been in the best of places recently, for me this 1:1 was perfect timing and has opened my mind to new and more… even though I don’t know the complete details yet, I get it.”



Bam! Lightening Struck!

"I had my 1:1 with Nic on Thursday. I went upstairs to my bedroom and closed the door. I told her all my thoughts and feelings and what I had been discovering. and then she did what she is amazing at- I can’t even describe what it is really, but she worked her magic with hints and ideas… and then BAM! Lightning struck me!! I found my why!! Holy crap. It just all came together in an instant. Apparently I screeched or screamed because I remember now that my husband called from downstairs asking me if I was okay haha! but I was too excited to answer him. THANK YOU NIC!!! thanks for lighting me up! I cannot wait for what comes next!



Nichole is Truly Amazing

“THIS is where my new brand and business were born 6 short months ago. I had no idea that this amazing group would produce something that I love so much. Nichole is truly amazing in her ability to bring out that thing you love and turn it into something wonderful... I could not have imagined this by myself... This has been an amazing journey and I am so excited to see where this goes and I am truly grateful”



I Had an Epiphany!

“Doing my homework and I had an epiphany!! Stuff fell into place!! Brain connected dots!! Love it when that happens.”



I Am So Happy I Could Cry!

“…As I took their payment for over $5k – my internal voice kept saying “hold it together, Hold it together!”... Nichole, I never would have done this without your guidance and kick-ass-ness. ❤  I am so happy, I could cry!”

What is Included?


Book Club is a Live 8 Week Program

We have a live call every two weeks (so you have time to do your homework) for 8 weeks. In addition to the live course AND two one-0n-one consulting sessions with Nic (these alone are worth $1000) you will get 3 months FREE membership to Working with Dog (instant access to our amazing private community) - so you'll have full support from fellow petpreneurs who have gone through this process and can offer amazing insights.

Program Includes:

  1. Four 90 min. video calls (one every two weeks) with lessons and live Q+A with Nic
  2. Two 60 min. one-on-one consultations with Nic
  3. Free Digital Copy of the “Million Dollar Dog Brand”
  4. Free 3 mo. membership to Working with Dog
  5. Free support from Nic & the Working with Dog team via private Facebook Group


Call Schedule:

We do our best to make sure the calls work for everyone to attend live - but of course it's impossible to have live calls at the time that's right for everyone, everywhere in the world. Don't worry if you're going to miss a call, all our lessons and Q+A sessions will be recorded and uploaded for you to watch & keep (past participants have enjoyed watching recordings from their live calls over again when they need a refresher, so this is a real bonus!) These calls are very interactive, so you'll want to watch them and do the work during the call, whether you're watching it live or not!


8 weeks | 4 Live calls 

May 7th - 8am PST | 11am EST  | 4pm UK

May 17th - 8am PST | 11am EST  | 4pm UK

June 4th - 8am PST | 11am EST  | 4pm UK

June 18th - 8am PST | 11am EST  | 4pm UK


Space is Extremely Limited

Due to the one-on-one offering involved in this program, there are a very limited number of spaces available. This is not some huge launch where an online program is sold to hundreds of people, this is an intimate, bespoke experience. Historically, because of the quality and affordability of Nic's bootcamp programs - they have sold out very quickly.

This program sells out fast - so do not miss out!


Some Feedback from past Book Club Members: 

How satisfied were you overall with book club?
Total average:  4.6 out of 5

Would you recommend this program to a friend?
100% - Yes
Hell yea!
Did you make use of the Facebook Group?
20% - Yes, it was a significant part of what Iliked about the course
40% - Yes
20% - Not as much as I would have liked
20% - No
What was your one goal in Book Club?
Clarity of brand
Connection and sharing myself, introducing myself (and my brand) to others
Did you accomplish your one goal?
I am much farther along, I'd say yes, I did. I also know that is an every evolving process & now I have much better tools top keep at it! Tah Dah!
Yes, by the last call I was openly talking about my brand and was meeting people that I could definitely pursue partnerships with in the future.
I hope so. Tell me when you see my website :-)
Yes, indeed! I'm so happy I know why I do what I do and what drives me!
How much do you think your Book Club participation will impact your ability to confidently move forward with your current or new brand?
Total average:  4.8 out of 5

Did you encounter any surprises, ah-ha's or lightbulb moments during Book Club - if so, care to share?

I actually had a sweeeet lightbulb moment about something I'd been beating myself up with. Now I am over Surviving and ready to Start Thriving!
After the first class I finally realised that I have always had a much bigger dream and it was time to work towards making it a reality.
I think there was one ah-ha in every call!
On the very first call, you validated the idea that I can create what I want to create, and not feel like I always have to create what others want me to create. On the last call, you threw out this little gem: "I can't love you if I don't know you." And it was really good to work through our 3 points of difference and the brand statements/origin stories. Feels like I walked away with a few things actually accomplished, rather than an expanded list of to-dos. That's probably a really good draw for future book clubs....the promise of walking away with a little branding arsenal already completed...points of difference, tagline, brand statement, origin story, social media bio.
I found clarity!! When that happened my brand evolved and I realised where my space is in the market.
Yes! I just needed this course to confirm it for me!



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